Trust the Teacher!
Vote November 8th

My name is Terese Bjornstad, and I am running for School Board for Red Wing Public Schools.

My goals as a member of the school board would be to:

  • Create policy that provides equitable education for all students regardless of race, gender, social-economic status or ability
  • Support staff in creating safe schools where ALL children feel heard and valued
  • Attract and retain quality staff in all positions in our system
  • Provide training for ALL staff in the areas of trauma and mental health
  • Listen to and engage the stakeholders in our community
  • Do my homework and participate in training that will help me make data driven, informed decisions
  • Hire a dynamic, visionary, superintendent that will facilitate achieving the district’s short term and long-term goals

Terese Bjornstad

How can you help?

Email me at if you are interested in writing a letter to the editor or hosting a lawn sign.

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Donations by checks to “Bjornstad for School Board” can be mailed to 807 Hi Park Ave, Red Wing, MN 55066 or donate via Venmo. When using the Venmo option, choose the “Bjornstad for School Board” account and write your address in the note.

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Terese at city hall


About Terese

I am a spouse, parent, grandparent, and retired teacher. I spent 32 years teaching children in Red Wing and I am ready to serve our children again as a school board member.

My passion for teaching was born at the kitchen table of my childhood home. My brother has dyslexia, and I helped him make sense of his homework so he could show his teachers how smart he really was. I decided that when I grew up, I would become a teacher so I could help kids like my brother succeed in school.

I put this passion to work in my first position as a teacher of children with learning disabilities at Red Wing Central High School. I moved on to teach 5th grade children at Sunnyside, Jefferson, and Burnside Schools. I retired after teaching 6th grade children at Twin Bluff Middle School.

In each of those positions I worked tirelessly to ensure that EVERY child in my classroom reached their highest potential. I had a reputation for being a caring teacher who advocated for every child in my care.

Terese puts kids first

My Beliefs

Public education is the cornerstone of democracy. I am proud to live in a country that provides free public education for all. Unlike private schools, we accept ALL students. No one is denied access for any reason.

Excellent schools are the foundation of a thriving community. It’s the first thing parents look at when they make their decision to move to our community. If we want Red Wing to thrive, our children must have a top-notch public education that is innovative and meaningful.

We must work to meet the individual needs of our diverse community of learners. Our school board has shown a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I want to continue the great work they are doing.

Why Trust a Teacher?

As a retired teacher, I have an important perspective that would be an asset to the board. My students were MY children so they knew they had my unconditional love, acceptance, and unfailing belief in their ability to achieve greatness. I taught diverse learners. I was flexible – nobody knows how to pivot in the moment like a teacher. I navigated uncomfortable conversations with parents and colleagues while listening thoughtfully and responding respectfully. I openly accepted feedback from students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. I’ve been on curriculum committees, grade level teams, and building leadership teams.

I have decades of experience building consensus collaboratively. I kept my eye on the greater good because in the end the magic happens when teachers and students have the support they need to learn and grow together. Great things happen when the adults in the system put kids’ needs first!

I understand the importance of a great school board. Our job is to support high quality education for our children by creating effective, efficient, and equitable educational policy. We must ensure that we educate all children regardless of race, gender, social-economic status, or ability. Our policy must be based on law and support the district’s strategic plan and goals for our students.

This year the board will also have the important task of hiring a new superintendent. Having dynamic, visionary leadership will ensure our students are prepared for a bright, productive future.

I am a life-long learner. I spent the summer doing a deep dive into the role of the school board, so I understand the importance of this job. I am committed to taking further training so I can be an effective partner on the board. I retired in 2017, and I know our schools have changed. I see the pressure students, teachers, and families have faced because of the pandemic. I believe hardship fosters growth. We have a unique opportunity to make positive changes with what we have learned. I know that the policy the board creates has the power to help or hinder the growth process. We need to make solid policy and get out of the way, so the experts can educate our children.

Community Involvement

The first thing I did when I moved to Red Wing in 1982 was join a church. I sang with 2 choirs and taught Faith Formation. I got involved with the first of numerous productions at the Sheldon and served on the Phoenix Theatre Board. I was a mentor for Youth Outreach. I volunteered at Bay View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center doing activities with adults with traumatic brain injuries. I’m an election judge and a member of Red Wing’s Charter Commission.

My Family

I have been married to Ken for 38 years. We have two adult children: our son Jake and his wife Alexa live in Red Wing with my amazing grandchildren Lennon, Indie, and Baylor. Lennon starts kindergarten this fall. She will be the 4th generation of our family to get a great education in RWPS. Our daughter Kristin lives in Texas with her partner, Tyler.